Vaucanson Announces 4 New Watch Releases Through Kickstarter on October 18, 2018

Columbia, MD, October 15, 2018: Vaucanson, an international timepiece designer,

developer, and curator incorporating contemporary watchcase designs with patented UV-LED

technology, this week announced alongside the launch of their Kickstarter campaign, they are

introducing 4 new watch designs to their selection.

Unlike other watch companies, Vaucanson uses fluorescents and phosphors that absorb

UV emissions and release the stored energy as a visible illumination for all users. As a result,

all Vaucanson wristwatches have three distinctly different appearances: one in daylight, one in

UV-LED illumination, and one in the afterglow phase once the UV-LED deactivates.

“It started over a decade ago when I came up with an idea for invisible illumination using

UV lighting,” said Michelle Vaucanson. “At the time, microchip companies were throwing away

blue LED’s if they came in below the 400nm visible spectrum. After multiple utility patents

through the U.S. Patent Office, as well as patents for automotive and aeronautic applications, I

was on my way to creating something totally new. So of course, I decided to visit the largest

watch company in Switzerland.”

Upon returning from Switzerland, Vaucanson signed with the largest watch company in Texas to begin her journey of LED watches. Using natural UV technology to illuminate the watches in the evening with just the press of a button, the undersurface of each Vaucanson watch is coated with 18 layers of proprietary aerospace technology containing UV blocking materials that prevent up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays from penetrating the watch crystal. As a result, heat and degradation to the fluorescent inks and phosphorous on the watch dial is prevented.

Additionally, each watch comes with two batteries for time keeping and illumination. Made with top quality silicone manufacturing materials and processes, as well as customized colors

and attention to detail, Vaucanson is dedicated to providing unmatched craftsmanship in all of

their finished timepieces.

“On October 18, we will make our new series of wristwatches available, starting with our Kickstarer campaign,” said Vaucanson. “Our goal is to spread awareness on the kind of craftsmanship and attention to detail we safeguard here at Vaucanson, which we feel is

excellently executed on a site like Kickstarter. We are encouraging everyone to spread the word, and check out the luminous, eye-catching details of our forthcoming watch releases.”

The 4 new watch releases include the Archangel; equipped with a white dial, blue accents, detailed silver metallic wings, and phosphor blue hour markers; the Dia de los Muertos;

equipped with decorated skull, fluorescent colors and phosphor markers; the Red Dragon;

equipped with a polished yellow gold dragon outlined with red fluorescent flames of yellow and

orange; and the White Dragon; equipped with a polished silver metal dragon outlined with sky

blue fluorescence, flames of white, and blue-white phosphor markers.

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