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Trump.Dating Corrects “Married” Relationship Glitch, Substitutes Homepage Image

February 19, 2018 – Various alterations have occurred since the official launch of the mega-viral Trump-oriented dating site. 

We would like to inform everyone of these updates to clear up any questions and misconceptions. 

Prior to the initial launch of the dating platform, a minor technical oversight caused the options “Unhappily Married” and “Happily Married” to appear in a drop down in which users select their relationship status. 

The team at Trump.Dating thanks Friends Worldwide for putting their development team on the job and promptly getting this mistake fixed on our behalf. Friends Worldwide has customized our site at our direction solely, and is simply our hosting company. The views expressed on our website do not necessarily reflect the views of FriendsWorldwide. 

Additionally, on February 19th, the identity of the couple in the homepage image surfaced — most notably the man’s 25-year-old conviction of sexual impropriety. The minute our team was notified of these details, the couple’s photo was removed from the Trump.Dating site. We replaced it with a stock photo from our database. Their photo was a user submission. The couple’s history was not revealed to us in anyway beforehand or while the photo was live on the site. They are not spokesmodels. They are not spokespersons. They no longer represent the Trump.Dating image. 

Our team regrets not utilizing extreme vetting measures prior to the placement of the photo on the Trump.Dating homepage. 

Contact: Sean McGrossler Spokesperson