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Smilelab Co. Officially Launches Ovulation Testing Kit with Accompanying Free Mobile App

Republic of Korea, July 29, 2018: Smilelab Co., a Korea-based medical design and

development company that works through technology to make the world more effective and

convenient for everyday people, this week officially launched their latest product, the

Smilereader Ovulation Test Kit, for global purchase.

Equipped with 30 ovulation tests and 10 pregnancy tests, the kit also comes with a free

complimentary mobile app available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

“Fertility cycles are something incredibly unique and personal to each woman, which is

why ovulation tracking is so important for conception,” said Dr. Lee, CEO of Smilelab Co.

“Women aren’t able to grab ovulation kits in local stores today, inspiring us to create a 2-in-1

testing kit for all women looking to track their own personal ovulation schedule.”

With 99% accurate results regarding both of the kit’s tests, the Smilereader Kit can be

tracked in a mobile device, free for download today. Within the app, women can track their

ovulation cycle, period cycle, and other important information that helps them determine when

they are most likely to get pregnant.

Affordably priced for the everyday woman, the kit comes with 40+ tests, providing every

user with ample time to track their own ovulation cycle.

“There is a brief window while a woman is ovulating when pregnancy is most likely,” said

Dr. Lee. “Now, women don’t have to play the guessing game, hoping they get pregnant. They

can know exactly what is happening with their bodies, right from their mobile devices. Spread

the word on the launch of our new ovulation kit, and get ahead of your family planning today.”

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