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Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling


Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team Releases Online Real Estate Auction-Based Marketplace

Los Angeles, CA, August 21, 2018: As CNBC, ABC, and NBC continue to report today, the housing shortage may be turning, forewarning a pricing bubble on the horizon.

Sellers, especially in the Los Angeles region, are not able to find the right buyers for their

properties, leaving their listings on the market for far too long. More sellers are looking for a

solution that can get them out of their real estate situation, which is where local firm, Titanium

Real Estate Network, comes into the picture.

Under the branch Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling, an exclusive hybrid RBID Home Selling

System, the Online Real Estate Auction-Based Marketplace for Buying and Selling Homes,

has been developed to give sellers – as well as buyers – some options.

“Right now, the supply of homes for sale is still down 5.3 percent when compared to

this time one year ago,” said Kusuma. “With sales slowing in major markets, sellers are

starting to panic, especially right here in Los Angeles County. I wanted to create a tool for

these sellers to receive some peace of mind. Therefore, we are excited to share our new

hybrid resource shaking the market.”

The best deals and homes available in each given market will receive a “Titanium

Certified RBID” certification to let buyers know about their value and worth. By working

through this new tool, buyers can work with select homes that come with a warranty

against defects, as well as a free 12-month Home Owners Warranty. Additionally, buyers

can work with a hassle free bid process, enabling buyers to preview the property, make

inspections, initiate any and all proper due diligence, and secure the property under

contract for a smooth on-time closing.

“While the real estate market continues to show signs of slowing, our team system is

able to generate multiple offers that net our home seller clients more money in the

process,” said Kusuma. At this time, Titanium has 25,127 buyers in their real estate database, boast an

average of 3.1% more money in sales compared to the average area agent, and have

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team Releases RBID Home

Selling System: An Online Real Estate Auction-Based Marketplace

secured an average of 29-days to sell client homes when compared to the typical 87.9-

days on market statistic. Titanium sells 20 times more homes than your average agent,

with a 97% average of homes sold before the end of a listing term (compared to the 71%

average released in 2015 MLS stats).

“Our team comes with proven results, proudly showcasing our reviews on our site for

all interested buyers and sellers,” said Kusuma. “Spread the word on our new real estate

tool, and consider using our team for a guaranteed home sale this year.”

To learn more about this new real estate tool, please visit:

To watch a sample video of this new tool in action and what it can do for you, please