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New Natural Holistic Medicine Clinic, RSX Holistic Health, Officially Opens in Downtown Chicago

Chicago, IL, August 20, 2018: Dr. K., a top-rated Doctor and Medical Professor in Chicago, Illinois, opened the doors to his boutique medical practice this week, dedicated to the “whole person concept.” Using patient education as a primary intervention, he focuses on preventative medicine and rebalancing the mind, body, and spirit to improve overall health. Dr. K incorporates holistic methodologies from around the world, integrating eastern and western practices with the best of both ancient and modern medicine. 

As the first holistic doctor’s office of its kind located right in the heart of downtown Chicago, Dr. K., (Kevin Gill, DN,) is redefining patient-centric healthcare and is proud to offer a new kind of holistic medicine that’s empowering happier, healthier patients for the long term. 

“There are many causes of illness,” explains Dr. K. “Modern medicine is comprised of specialists, and isn’t equipped to address the health effects of lifestyle or spiritual discord, which is why I incorporate spirituality and life coaching into most of my treatments. My patients are students of their own health and I teach them the same things I teach my medical students: Be genuine, be completely present with yourself and others, and always return to the root fundamentals. Grocery stores and gardens are the best pharmacies, and I work closely with my patients to educate them about how they can keep themselves, and their loved ones, balanced.” Dr. K recognizes each and every client’s physiology is unique to them, and tailors his approach based on their personal goals, now and in the future.

“In medicine, RX stands for prescription,” Dr. K continues. “I wanted to offer more than that. In RSX, the letter S stands for spirituality. If someone’s spiritual life is unbalanced, it always manifests disharmony into their mind and body, and also into their relationships and how they experience life.” Through natural methods, RSX Holistic Health coaches patients through pain management, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, injury rehabilitation, chronic illnesses and offers non-denominational spiritual guidance. “In many cases, spirituality is not just the key to healing—it’s the missing link.”

RSX Holistic Health also leverages technology to offer punctual office appointments, video conferencing, and online healthcare intake forms and bookings to make the entire process as accessible as possible. Additionally, the practice offers natural supplements, handpicked by Dr. K, at a significantly reduced rate for members to make compliance to his programs affordable and simple to follow.

“As the media continues to report, the majority of supplements on the market are questionable at best,” says Dr. K. “They’re rife with false advertising, unfounded claims and made with unregulated ingredients. Unfortunately, companies who sell these products can benefit from market confusion based around the safety and efficacy of what they’re promoting. This is why I’ve invested significant time researching the most safe, effective, natural supplements on the market, and in order to take away the guesswork, I provide them at a substantially discounted rate to each of our members.”

“It’s exciting helping people enjoy longer lives with brighter futures,” says Dr. K. “We are incredibly adaptable beings, capable of achieving far more than we give ourselves credit for. I simply teach patients how to remove toxins and negativity, from whatever the source, and replace them with proper building blocks to let their bodies balance themselves. As a holistic natural doctor, I’m approached nearly everyday by someone who wants to take the natural approach and I’m glad to finally offer comprehensive boutique services to society at large.”

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