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First Woman-Owned Interactive Art Gallery in Colleyville, Pic-OlOgy, Officially Opens

Colleyville, TX, September 23, 2019: Pic-OlOgy Gallery, the first woman-owned

interactive art installation gallery in Colleyville, Texas, this week officially announced they are

open for all visitors, 3D art junkies, and everyday art enthusiasts.

Featuring a variety of unique, creative art displays in ten different rooms, Pic-OlOgy

combines the 3D technology available at our fingertips today with traditional art forms to

produce a multi-sensory experience for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. As the Pic-OlOgy

experience unfolds, visitors can share their interactions through social media and other

forms of content distribution.

“We’re determined to change the imagination and push the limits of artistic immersion,” said Crystal McGee, Founder and Owner of the Pic-OlOgy Gallery. “We want to challenge visitors’ idea of art and ask them to explore the exhibit in ways they have never considered before. It’s a multi-sensory experience that brings art to life from every angle, and we want people everywhere to know about it.” 

Pic-OlOgy features Anaglyph 3D art by two local artists on 10 by 8-foot paintings, with double-exposure 3D style murals that show different artworks when viewed through the red and blue lenses of the 3D glasses available.

“When the principles of perspective are reversed and solidified into sculpted paintings, something extraordinary happens; the mind is deceived into believing the impossible, that a static painting can move of its own accord,” said McGee. 

Pic-OlOgy is working to enhance individual’s appreciation and understanding art and its role in our society through direct engagement of unique creative artwork. Pic-OlOgy will not only engage users in active learning through a tech-based creative process, but it will also encourage dialogue between people and communities.

“It’s amazing what we can do with something as old and timeless as static artwork thanks to technology today,” said McGee. “We’ve moved into an age of the experience as opposed to the product, which is why we are inviting everyone to immerse themselves an an experience entirely unique to Pic-OlOgy.

Pic-OlOgy features four different admittance packages, including Kids Just Wanna Have Fun for children, Just Here for the Pictures for visitors 13-years-and-older, Grab the Bag with a bonus merchandise bag included, and Very Important Pic-OlOgy Visitor with unlimited access to the Pic-OlOgy closet available.

As the first woman-owned interactive art gallery of its kind in Colleyville and beyond, McGee is hoping to inspire all women in the art and tech space to bring their immersive dreams and innovations to life.

For more information, or to purchase tickets to this live art experience, visit: