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Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse


Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse


For Immediate Release: January 29, 2018

Contact: Peter Quinones,

Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse: A Short Story Collection Not for The Faint of Heart

Every so often, an author emerges that isn’t afraid to go against the norm, exploring topics marked as taboo and inappropriate for everyday discussion. These people foray into unchartered waters, causing us to question concepts we had accepted as true and legitimate. Today, Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse, a short story collection that is not for the faint of heart, is officially available to the readers who enjoy complex, multi-faceted scenarios with diverse and intriguing characters. In this instance: Peter Quinones is that author.

Craftily combining postmodernism and deconstruction in a series of interrelated stories, this is a new kind of series that prioritizes psychological elements when developing the plotline and character interactions.

Broken down into seven different stories, all working in tandem to tell one overarching theme, two of the seven book titles proudly represent the key elements of the series. Every single one of the stories takes it own, unique approach to providing idiosyncratic and strange stories that rely on unexpected endings, masterfully setting the stage for the next story in the installment. Most impressively, none of the stories does so in an obvious way. By the end of the story, readers won’t be able to totally pinpoint how the next story has been presented, yet they’ll know the connection subconsciously. 

The Fizz Notorio 

As the first story in the series, the Fizz Notorio follows Eve Patricia as she accepts a job offer after graduating from college. The job challenges her regarding business proxemics, putting her into direct contact with a man twice her age. Following a psychology routed in the disparity between age gaps, the psychology of the older man’s success is described as showmanship and spectacle used to influence and subdue women. Not needing “Viagra or Cialis” this man has learned how to rely on his own psyche for making the most of the world around him. It’s a psychological thrill, pushing the reader off an exciting precipice from the start of the series.

As readers continue on through the Fizz Notorio, the arsenal of seduction, following a 24-year-old, named Eve, and her mounting attraction to this older man’s jazzy lifestyle and approach to the world, captivates readers quickly and effectively. The books do an excellent job of subtlety describing her feelings and experiences through lines that are succinct and tantalizing at the same time.


So, where does postmodernism enter the book series? It crawls in quietly through the sexy whisper on the street that excites Eve with its intellectual depth and implications. It’s the same kind of whisper that will excite readers as they move through a strange world, with unforeseen presents to open with reader’s minds at every turn. Odd characters, people you just wouldn’t expect, and other players in the greater picture, add to the element of surprise that will almost cause readers to jump from their chairs – in an intellectual way. 


Deconstruction pairs perfectly with postmodern prose and style today. 

However, in order to really explore what’s possible through a postmodern, deconstructed lens, that’s left up to the readers. The very essence of what makes reading so amazing an enchanting is that you’re left to your own devices as you form mental images and pictures from each line. 

Deconstruction itself typically examines binary oppositions and contrasts their differences. Postmodernism comes into embrace skepticism and outline social influences on ideals of knowledge and truth, things we come to accept without questions or in-depth exploration. Pairing the two together is a deep-rooted approach to covering new topics, analyzing key elements, and creating pictures with the kind of depth you didn’t think was possible with just a pen and a paper. 

Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse

These short stories do something new, taking a complex picture and exploring scenarios and characters with a steady attention to twists of irony and details – something that isn’t typically seen in other books today. Although the stories rely on the creative use of big words, words we don’t normally encounter on a day to day basis, the stories overarching theme is universal in nature, appealing to average audiences around the world. 

However, it is worth noting that the above-average reader, one who can spot the ironic nuances in the world today, will gain the most from what’s hidden between each line in Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse.

What will you get personally from the Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse series? Only YOU can answer that for yourself. These are stories that challenge you to open intellectual, philosophy-based doors you aren’t used to acknowledging. Yes, it’s going to be thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

Philosophical and psychological thrill rolled into one, these short stories place you on a rollercoaster that leaves the gate as soon as you open the book.

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