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Alexandra Fasulo

Alexandra Fasulo InstaNews Writer

Alex is a professional writer, editor, social media marketer, and travel blogger. Trained at the New York State Assembly in Public Relations Management, Alex went to work in New York City where she founded her own writing and social media management company: SocialMe Media, LLC. Today, she teaches social media seminars at Websites While U Wait, freelances on, and hosts her own Meetup in Albany and Brooklyn, New York.

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Allegra Fasulo InstaNews Press writer

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Elisa Fasulo

Elisa Fasulo InstaNews press writer

Elisa is an experienced Search Engine Optimizer, website developer, freelance writer and editor, and social media manager. Elisa owns Websites While U Wait, a retail website design and development store in Upstate New York. Certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, Elisa has a knack for emotional advertising. 

She currently has a memoir available on titled In Living Ink