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Open Nova

Anti Global Mass Surveillance Tech Company, OpenNova, Launches New Secured Internet Router Product

Contact: Jo Shen King


May 30, 2018: OpenNova, a research and development anti global mass surveillance

technology and cryptography encryption company working to protect and secure all data under

attack today, this week launched their Internet router innovation, which will protect user

Internet data.

“OpenNova is an all-in-one solution, specifically built to prevent OEM backdoor access

while encrypting user activity,” said Jo Shen King and his team, Founder and Owner of

OpenNova. “By transmitting through our personalized cryptography tunnel protocol,

attackers and Internet surveillance tools can no longer see activities that were once public

through routers. We proudly provide 100% anonymity, no traceability, and no ISP


OpenNova’s new router protects users against certain hacking such as MITM attacks,

including an encryption solution that would take over 500-1000 years to decrypt. By that

time, the data already useless. In addition to the cryptography encryption protocol, the

new router also comes with 100% anonymity protection, providing users with access to

OpenNova’s 18,000 private nodes. Through the node interface, users are protected in

real time, while network IP addresses are replaced by the node structure.

OpenNova also carries anti ISP restriction, enabling users to access any website

without restrictions.

“The Internet is under global mass surveillance, and data harvesting, with indirect

access to your data and your activities through your router,” said King. “Do you really trust

your firmware? Do you really research before you buy a router? You should be concerned

about your online privacy – which is where we come into the picture. You deserve privacy

while online: it’s a basic human right. Spread the word on the launch of our new router

solution, and check our website to learn more about this development.”

OpenNova is a new technology startup, working to educate the masses on digital

security while creating new solutions that protect against the threat of mass surveillance.

For more information, visit: