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American Liberal Council Unveils “NeverTrump” Dating Site In Response To Pro-Trump Dating Site

American Liberal Council (ALC) is proud to host an all-inclusive, love-pairing dating site for those who oppose and resist President Donald Trump. 

After Trump.Dating went viral in February for it’s homophobic gender options and all-around close-mindedness, ALC contacted the platform hosting the pro-Trump dating website and shortly after, NeverTrump.Dating was born. The dating site is made with progressives, independents, disillusioned Republicans, and the LGBT community in mind. 

Regardless of your race, gender, or sexual orientation, you’ll be able to find that special someone who stands against the far-right movement spearheaded by Trump. “Our Democracy can still be saved,” ALC Founder Ted Brown stated. “But in order to do so, we must join together those with like-minded beliefs and stand for tolerance and justice for all. We need allies who will never back down to the corrupt, morally-bankrupt administration in power — and we can do that right here.” Equality is making a comeback on

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