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Michelangelo's Paint Place

Michelangelo's Paint Place

Guilderland Tattoo Artist & Entrepreneur, Lisa Fasulo, Opens Michelangelo’s Paint Place

Albany, NY, April 12, 2018: Michelangelo's Paint Place, Albany’s latest paint place venture offering painting parties, art lessons, kids parties, and open paint hours to individuals of every age and background, this month officially launched in the Carpenter Plaza.

Taking the classic paint class concept to the next level, offering open paint hours, paint parties, t-shirt painting, kids parties, and one-on-one lessons for anyone interested, Michelangelo’s is redefining fun, social painting today.

“After starting my professional painting career in my 20’s selling hand-painted clothing, and moving my way into tattooing with the Tattoo Learning Center, it just made sense to foray into another facet of the artistic world with my very own paint place,” said Lisa Fasulo, owner of Rotterdam’s Tattoo Learning Center for 14-years, with a TLC special. “This is painting made easy, custom tailored for any and everyone.”

Decorated with string lights, warm wooded floors, and Fasulo’s unmistakable painting style scattered about the interior, Michelangelo’s Paint Place is able to accommodate private parties of all sizes, as well as team building events, fundraisers, showers, and any other type of special event.

Kid-friendly and family-oriented, Michelangelo’s hosts 7-10 events per month, with upcoming open and private classes posted to their online platform calendar.

“We just want everyone to have a good time, relaxing after a long day at work or a stressful week with a paintbrush in hand,” said Fasulo. “Nothing is more therapeutic than painting frustrations away, which is why we’ve created a paint place concept that is welcoming to everyone. Spread the word, and come paint with us this summer!”

Michelangelo’s Paint Place is open Monday thru Sunday at 2568 Western Avenue in Guilderland. The small business will also be launching 2-week curriculums, teaching up-and-coming artists how to successfully market their work today.

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