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Legal Tax Defense Now Assisting Clients That Owe IRS/State More Than 10K  in Taxes

Los Angeles, CA, January 18, 2018:  Legal Tax Defense, a network of legal tax professionals consisting of tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents, this week announced ahead of the impending tax season, they are now assisting all clients that owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or State more than $10,000 in taxes. 

Specializing in tax debt problems as they relate to both individuals and businesses, Legal Tax Defense negotiates tax debts, stops wage garnishments, avoids bank levies, and prevents property seizers.

“Many times today, when individuals or businesses owe more than $10,000 in taxes, they totally panic, making situations even worse in many cases,” said Sharon, spokeswoman with Legal Tax Defense. “Our team of highly skilled and accredited IRS tax attorneys provide financial stability support, helping clients through all of their tax problems and debts. We are proud to represent clients in the face of unsubstantiated IRS and State claims.”

Legal Tax Defense provides a variety of services including: late tax return filing, protection in the face of collection letters, reduced tax liabilities with the IRS and State, removal of tax penalties, removal of IRS tax liens, tax audit representation, and halted bank levies. As part of their proprietary tax attorney and professional service support, Legal Tax Defense starts each case byway of investigation for client protection. They then provide a detailed plan of action and initiate the first contact with IRS or State. Next comes the negotiation phase with the government agency, followed by tax relief for the individual or business.

“Navigating the world of taxes can be seriously overwhelming, especially when we’re talking about a tax debt or collections notices,” said Sharon. “We represent our clients in the face of powerful government agencies, ensuring they are treated fairly moving forward. With the tax day approaching this April, consider our support before the tax dilemma gets out of hand.”

Legal Tax Defense offers free consultations for interested clients.

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