Why pay for press release distribution services?

InstaNews Press Release Distribution Service

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is key for brand exposure today. We optimize your SEO through keywords, URLs, and targets within the release.

  • Visibility: With Instagram and multiple search engines indexing your press release, your content will be visible throughout the world. Through backlinking, we will boost your site's organic ranking.

  • Branding: Once your company’s name is featured on the Internet's fastest growing social media platform, industry professionals will know you’re serious about making a statement.                              

  • Credibility: If you want your brand's news to be taken seriously today, you have to rely on a modern, millennial approach to targeting your customer base. That is exactly what we do here at InstaNews Press.

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InstaNewsPress FAQ

InstaNews Press Release Distribution Service

Why should I do this?

If you plan to compete in today's global market, this kind of news distribution service is a MUST. Your press release will be crawled and indexed by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Is one submission enough?

It is highly recommended by top SEO experts to utilize press release services  every 6-months. However, we offer yearly subscriptions for one release per month.

Who is writing my press release?

Our staff was trained at the New York State Assembly in Public Relations Management. We're a team of professionally trained writers, editors, marketers, and press release developers.

What if I have my own press release?

We have a package that offers distribution only services, to put your release out in front of millions. We will submit the release to Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Instagram, and other major syndication sites today.

What if my brand isn't exciting?

That's OK. It's our job as writers to create a hook. 

A hook is the part of your brand's "story" that you may be overlooking. Often a business owner is too close to their product to see all the characteristics that the public may find interesting.

Can I afford this service?

We have different levels of engagement that accommodate any budget. We offer affordable, basic press release distribution services, as well as complex press release services.

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