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Input Club Releases New Magnetic Keyboard with Analog Input Poised to Revolutionize the World

Los Gatos, CA, April 10, 2019: Input Club, a California-based keyboard designing, engineering, and manufacturing company that is working to integrate technology into the durability, performance, and manipulation of keyboards today, this week announced their latest invention, the Keystone Analog Mechanical Keyboard, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months. 

Poised to change the keyboard industry, as well as every single industry throughout the world today, the Keystone Keyboard will use technology in an entirely new and receptive way. 

“This keyboard is an unappalled leap forward in typing and gaming technology, combining two very new features for supreme performance,” said Andrew Lekashman, Founder and CEO of Input Club. “It’s no secret that keyboards have regressed in quality over the last 30-years, as programmers fail to keep up with the latest tools afforded to us through technology. Simultaneously safeguarding aesthetical appearance in our product, we are leveraging a new kind of technology that is long overdue.”

Although there are ultra-thin keyboards available through certain touch-screen tablets and within mobile applications, a full-suite keyboard is still necessary for larger projects, programming, gaming, coding, data processing, and many of other tasks that are becoming increasingly important. Made simply for appearance, the ultra-thin keyboards just don’t meet the demands of this versatile industries. 

The Keystone Keyboard is introducing two new keyboard features not available anywhere else: high-definition analog control and per-key fast Hall Effect (magnetic) sensing. The magnetic switch technology enables near-infinite customization, billion-press durability at 20x stronger than the industry standard, and full analog control benefits for users. Full firmware programmability and optional RGB lighting cap off the features in this new release.

Therefore, the Keystone Keyboard can provide support through billions of presses, as opposed to the millions guaranteed in other keyboard models. It provides an extra smooth feel, native analog sensing options, and easy socket-less hot-swap versus the old finicky metal pins.

“Just about every job and online game relies on the seamless performance and efficiency of inputting via a keyboard today,” said Lekashman. “Typing on a Keystone Keyboard will feel like a natural extension of one’s fingers, so seamless, smooth, and refined that individuals will look forward to creating with their computers. We are launching a forthcoming Kickstarter campaign to share this idea with all interested campaign contributors, and are asking you to spread the word.”

More information will be available regarding the Kickstarter campaign launch. Interested contributors can invest in programmable macros, 1-billion press lifespan, cherry compatible keycaps, analog Hall Effect magnetic switches, and the list goes on.

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Input Club is a California-based keyboard programming, engineering, and designing company determined to create much-needed, never-before-used keyboard solutions for a variety of industries today. From gamers to technological coders, Input Club aims to create seamless and tech-savvy keyboards that work with our project demands, goals, and aspirations.

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