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Past Convict on Marijuana Charges Rises Above and Launches Two Businesses

Contact: Scott Anthony Grodeck

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Woodridge, IL, May 31, 2018: Scott Grodeck, a one-of-a-kind convict-turned-

businessman with an affliction for herbal and tobacco-only products, is demonstrating that life

after prison is possible, thanks to the internet, a little imagination, and an intense work ethic.

Starting in 2001, Grodeck was arrested in South Texas for marijuana, released on bond,

found guilty, case thrown out, then charged for the same crime, plus another 3,400lbs of

marijuana just 6-months later. Pleading guilty to the 6-year sentence with his attorney,

Grodeck completed his 70 months in prison and returned home to Naperville, Illinois, selling

cars as a way to get back onto his feet.

“Nobody would hire me. I had no driver’s license. I had no idea where I was going to go

with my life. I had my dad pick me up at 7AM, drive 40 miles each way for the day, and pick

me up at 9PM to go home – 6 days per week for a full year. Talk about humbling,” said


Quickly becoming a sales manager and doing well for himself, it appeared as though

Grodeck’s life was changing.

“Once I received my driver’s license back, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I

was offered the position of sales manager at a suburban dealership,” said Grodeck. “I began to

develop my strengths and talents. 12-years later, I still wake up every day appreciating the

freedom to live my own life out of prison.”

In 2012, Grodeck was in a cab in Seoul, South Korea when he found zig zag rolling papers

on the floorboard. The cab driver pulled over, told him to throw them away, claiming they were

contraband. Stirring Grodeck’s memory of a time when he hand-rolled cigarettes to pass the

time, his first venture, Jane Batter Rolling Papers, was officially born.

Today, Jane Batter carries 100% pure hemp and unrefined rolling papers for online

consumers. Opening GDI Wholesale and Grodeck’s shortly thereafter, Grodeck also sells glass bowls, water pipes, rolling papers, paper packs, herbal grinders, lighters, and


“Never stop fighting. Your story is never finished,” said Grodeck. “I want everyone to know

that for their future. Make it happen.”

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