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Colorado’s EverTrue Baby Officially Launches Bath Kneeler and Elbow Pad with Accompanying Discounts

Colorado, July 26, 2018: EverTrue Baby – Colorado, a family-owned and operated

childhood product design and development platform curated to help all parents raising kids in

the world today, this week launched their latest set of product pairs: the Bath Kneeler and

Elbow Pad.

Designed for the little ones that like to take long baths, EverTrue Baby’s kneeler and pad

products enable parents to comfortably watch over their bundles of joy without knee and elbow


“As parents ourselves, we know how tiring, yet rewarding it can be to sit by while your child

takes a bath,” said Brad Rosenbaum, Co-Founder of EverTrue Baby. “We want to sit by during

those special moments in comfort, without shifting and wincing from the knee and elbow pain.

That’s why we set out to design a product that fixes the problem.”

Now available for purchase as well on Amazon, the Elbow Pad portion of the product

comes with 2 large tear resistant pockets that work as storage, able to carry children’s toys

and accessories. The product comes with 6 extra strength suction cups for secured

placement, is machine-washable, and is easily foldable, making it easy to roll it up and store it

away for the next bathroom fun-time.

“Most importantly, this is a product that makes bath time safer for both you and your

children” said Rosenbaum. “We are so elated at the release of this new product that we are

offering discounts now through August 2 nd to anyone interested in revolutionizing their

nighttime bathroom bonding.”

The Bath Kneeler and Elbow Pad comes in a light grey color and is 2-inches thick.

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