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Brand New Shoes


Brand New Shoes


American Singer-Songwriter Josh Pfeiffer Releases New Music Video: Brand  New Shoes

Sacramento, CA, January 17, 2018:  Josh Pfeiffer, an American singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist whose sound has been compared to the likes of Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, and Tony Bennett, this week officially released his latest eye-catching music video and single, Brand New Shoes

Following a charming love story between a man and a woman, brought together by fate, Brand New Shoes underscores a modern day romance coupled with a hint of magic. The video begins with two pairs of a shoes, heels and men’s dress shoes, walking towards one another to sit down at the same light rail train stop. 

Brand New Shoes then forays into an alternate world in which the man and woman are together, strolling around on a Sunday afternoon. “Oh, to be with you, on a perfect Sunday afternoon,” croons Pfeiffer, drawing on his illustrious, vintage vocals to give the song an unmistakably romantic flare. “Have you feel it, too, if it’s just like brand new shoes,” sings Pfeiffer, incorporating the song’s title into the chorus.

The couple fall deeply in love, spending every waking minute with one another, at eye-catching dinners and rolling around between their lover’s sheets. “When you smile, my way, anything is possible.” By the end of the video, the scene cuts back to the two strangers sitting side by side at the train stop, their shoes highlighted in the frame. They exchange looks and board the train together, with the empty light rail train bench left in the final seconds of the video.

Reminiscent of old-fashioned loves, characterized by the raw, preserved affection between two people, Pfeiffer’s strong vibrato carries the song from the opening line to the final guitar riffs, forcing emotion from the listener’s ears. Pfeiffer plans to release even more music videos in the coming years, taking a Sinatra style and making it a modern day experience.

Pfeiffer released his debut album, American Crooner Act: 1, in 2010, including hits like Life, Beautiful Girl, California Days, When I’m With You, and Where I Want To Be. Releasing the music video for Life in 2016, the video was directed by Emmy award-winner Alejandro Guimoye. Also a philanthropist in nature, this year, Pfeiffer re-released Life in a Pop genre, donating 6-months of proceeds to the victims of the Northern California wildfires.

Today, Pfeiffer is presently working on his latest original compositions, One More Time and Dancing Girl. 

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