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Alex Fasulo, Freelancing on Fiverr, Alexandra Fasulo

Recent Fiverr CNBC Spotlight Writer, Alex Fasulo, Publishes First eBook: Freelancing on Fiverr

New York, NY, July 26, 2018: Alex Fasulo, a 25-year-old professional freelance writer

and editor with Israeli freelancing platform, Fiverr, this week officially published her first eBook,

titled: Freelancing on Fiverr: How I Made 6-Figures in Less Than 6-Months.

Following her international recognition from the CNBC article: How This 25-Year-Old

Freelancer Made $150,000 in 6-Months Off Fiverr, released on Friday, June 29th , Fasulo has

officially responded to the inquiries, interest, and requests to write an informational self-help

guide for mastering the Fiverr platform.

“That CNBC article immediately threw me into the freelancing spotlight, with thousands of

people here in the U.S. and around the world requesting help, info, and secret tips from me

with Fiverr,” said Fasulo. “I answered every single person for about 2-weeks before I realized,

as a writer, I should obviously publish an eBook! It only took me a few days to make it


Freelancing on Fiverr covers the most important elements of selling on Fiverr, as well as

the new PRO category, which includes Fasulo. The eBook goes through setting up a profile,

researching the competition, practicing proper customer service etiquette, securing new

orders, and applying to Fiverr PRO – encompassing the top 1% of talent on the platform.

Fasulo was added to the PRO queue in April 2017, enabling her to charge five times more

for her writing services.

“Overnight, I went from charging $25 for a press release, to $100 or $150,” said Fasulo. “It

was absolutely insane. I feel very humbled and blessed for this opportunity I have been

afforded, as well as this platform to help people around the world learn about how they can

secure their own side income with just a tablet or laptop.”

Based on the Fiverr $5 premise, Fasulo thought it fitting to price her eBook at $5. It is

available on her personal website, as well as Amazon Kindle.

To download a PDF version of the eBook, visit:

Recent Fiverr CNBC Spotlight Writer, Alex Fasulo, Publishes

First eBook: Freelancing on Fiverr

To purchase the Kindle version, visit: