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Adam Waitkevich


Adam Waitkevich Earns QDRO Specialist Designation from the American Association of QDRO Specialists

Boston, MA, July 12, 2019: Adam Waitkevich, a Boston-based financial divorce professional that helps individuals avoid detrimental financial mistakes in the wake of a divorce, this week announced he has earned the Certified QDRO Specialist™️ Designation from the American Association of QDRO Specialists. 

Considering until recently, there had not been a governing body of standards as it relates to the consulting and preparation of QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relation Orders) in divorce, many less-than-qualified individuals have been creating unintended financial mistakes in the preparation of these Orders. 

As someone who has been preparing QDROs for over 10-years, Adam set out to achieve official recognition for his decade-long experience.

“Obviously, divorce is not an easy process for anyone. As a couple divorces, not only are they reconciling the separation of their lives, their love, and their family, but they are also considering the financial implications along the way. I want to do everything in my power to ensure my experience and education provides expert financial guidance to prevent unnecessary financial ruin in the future,” said Adam.

Adam is also a CFP Practitioner (Certified Financial Planner) and a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), as well as someone who has personally prepared hundreds of QDROs.

Today, Adam is the president and founder of Divorce Financial Solutions, LLC, a divorce-centered financial planning firm with offices in Westborough and Boston. As part of his role, Adam consults with attorneys and divorcing individuals, as well as provides expert witness testimony on a wide range of topics related to divorce. 

Divorce Financial Solutions helps improve outcomes by removing the guesswork and emotion-based decision process and approaching divorce from a financial-planning perspective.

For more information regarding Divorce Financial Solutions, LLC, visit: